Friday, 4 November 2016

Jessica Jones director pitches scifi series: Martian meets Picnic at Hanging Rock

Aussie director of Jessica Jones fame, Michael Rymer, is pitching a new outback sci fi series to producers in LA.

According to IF magazine, Rymer hopes to start shooting in Melbourne next year.

The series is called Tremula, based on a feature script written by Queensland writers Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause, and it's about a group of international astronauts who go missing while doing a Mars training simulation in the middle of the Australian desert.

He describes it as "The Martian meets Picnic at Hanging Rock" as the astronauts get caught in a time warp.

Rymer recently won a Hugo  for Jessica Jones, and has a long list of LA credits including Battlestar Galactica, American Horror Story, Longmire, The Killing, Hannibal and The Man in the High Castle.

It sounds intriguing and we hope it comes off.

Another Outback scifi in development is Gary Ross's simply titled Outback with Cary Mulligan attached, and of course there was the 2002-2004 "found footage" Jeopardy kids TV series about backpackers being chased by aliens through the Aussie desert.

By the new Rymer films sounds like it has potential, so hopefully it will get up.

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