Saturday, 5 November 2016

Have we found Spider Zero?

Ever wonder why there's so many spiders in Tolkien?

And the Tolkien influence has been considered a forerunner for other speculative fiction writers to load up with arachnids, including notables in Harry Potter, Doctor Who and of course the eponymous movie Arachnids.

Of course people have always been scared of spiders - not only are they literally creepy but they can kill you with one bite! (Well, some of them can.)

Emily Asher-Perrin thinks she's found Spider Zero. The tarantula that bit JRR Tolkien when he was a kid, sending him on his negative PR campaign to give all spiders a bad name.

Most spiders, as we know, are quite friendly and helpful - imagine how many more mosquitoes and flies we'd have to put up with if there were no house spiders.

Even these wolf spiders below, photographed during a spider plague near the Australian regional town of Wagga Wagga, are relatively harmless. The bite hurts a bit, but it's not going to kill you.

That's not going to make the term "spider plague" any less frightening.

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