Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tassie tricked by the light

When a beautiful Hobart sunrise added an orange light to a jetliner's contrail, some Tasmanians thought an alien invasion was on the way.

Many believed the "fireball" was an alien spacecraft falling to Earth. Cynics are lining up with jokes as to why aliens would invade Tasmania. Others believed it was a giant meteor.

However, flight tracker data shows Emirates flight EK448 passing over Hobart at that time, and the government said it was just the plane's contrail, caught in the light.

Nonetheless, panic spread amongst some Taswegians with some noting on YouTube that it was a conspiracy with Prep Aussie saying: Folks it shore as hell "IS NOT" a plane. I have tested it and it comes back positive as 100% a meteor!! God Bless.PREP

Hopefully the Emirates plane won't be bringing Armageddon anytime soon.

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