Thursday, 29 December 2016

What will happen to Fisher's role as General Organa

The sad passing of Carrie Fisher this week left much sadness in the world of scifi and literature, but also left some questions about her role in the Star Wars series.

In Rogue One she was seen as a twenty year old, thanks to CGI effects.

Although the use of CGI was criticised, it would be hard to understand how else the producers could have got around the important link of Princess Leia from Rogue One to the original Star Wars: A New Hope.

It would have been very unsatisfying not to see her face and would have been absurd to use a different actress since Carrie Fisher played the part both before and after the Rogue One timeline. So CGI it was, and was as mercifully brief as possible - just long enough to make the connection.

The continuing Star Wars series is a different question as there is reportedly a much larger role for her character - now a General - in Star Wars VIII which has now wrapped principal photography.

However, it is not understood if the producers will rewrite the movie to include her death, continue with her through CGI or have her die off camera.

But whatever path they take, many may grieve for Carrie Fisher, but many others will also grieve for Leia Organa.

There have also been suggestions that her daughter Billie Lourd will play a larger part in future movies.

In a further sad development, her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away a day after Fisher.

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